These are collection of photos of some of the most iconinc jazz figures in the business. Non of these photos have been taken by me. As mater of fact, all these were taken by some of the most iconic jazz photographers of our time. Due to copyright reasons, all the photos are protected as there are not downloadable, printable or purchasable form my site. These photos were scanned form my private book collections and jazz CD and album booklets. They are displaed here strictly for eduacational purposes and of course for their shear beauty.

The list of the books from which these photos were taken for display are listed below. Please consider buying these books if you would like to have a hard copy of these photos for your own collection.

List of books where majority of these photos appear:

1. The Jazz Pictures by Carol Friedman

2. The Blue Note Years: The Jazz photography of Francis Wolff

3. Jazz Seen by William Claxton

4. The Jazz Image: Masters of Jazz Photography by Lee Tanner

5. Jazz, Giants, and Journeys: The photography of Herman Leonard